Correct use

For expert handling of screw clamps the following points must be borne in mind.

  • For the particular job to be done select the screw clamp suitable for it based on the required clamping force!
  • Do not work with 2 weak clamps, replace with a strong clamp!
  • When tightening, always select the correct position!
  • In gluing work on wooden workpieces, check after a while the correct seating and grip of the screw clamps and retighten if necessary!
  • Avoid overloading by using extensions or even additional aids at all times.
  • These always result in damage to the clamping arms and rail.
  • Always clamp sensitive workpieces carefully by providing them with protective caps. Also use further supports suitable for the application, but always bear in mind the particular clamping method and clamping pressure!
  • The “screw clamp” as a tool should be cleaned after use.
  • Cleaning the rail, particularly the chamfer, with a rag and a little commercially available thinner is always beneficial! The spindle thread should also be kept clean!